Alberta’s Real Estate Slowdown Set to Trigger a Crash?

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With the economy on a slowdown after the fall in crude oil prices the Canadian real estate market is facing a possible crash starting from Alberta. The scenario is all the more volatile as the real estate market is 30% overvalued. For Canadians who are used to a continuing appreciation of land and house values Read More

Steps to Rebuild Your Credit

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26th May: Do you want to know some simple steps to rebuild your credit? Yes? Then let us see here some basic steps to rebuild your credit. So, let us discover some basic steps to rebuild your credit. Simple steps to rebuild your credit— Check your credit report—You need to check your credit report. This Read More

Think twice before you choose reverse mortgage

3 weeks ago Jorda Smith 0
The reverse mortgage is becoming popular among older Canadians these days, for it has proven helpful when they need to renovate their home, or a lifestyle up gradation, or during times of emergency financial requirements. Before opting for reverse mortgage, it is necessary to go for a deep analysis, and then decide whether to go Read More

Understanding capital cost allowance in Canada

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Claiming CCA Do you hold a depreciable property or furniture or equipment to yourself? If so then you need to know the capital cost allowance you are eligible to get. Anyone who holds a property in Canada might explore various ways to save upon taxes and there are provisions made by the Government to do Read More

Is Negative Mortgage Rate Good for Economy

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egative mortgage rate is basically reducing the interest rate in negative, i.e. below zero. Mortgage holders in this case will receive interest amount for holding a mortgage. This is generally seen in the European market, where the central banks in the countries like Sweden and Denmark reduce the mortgage rate below the level of zero. Read More

Tips to Improve Your Cash Flow

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Tips to Improve Your Cash Flow 7th May: Do you want to know the tips to improve your cash flow? If yes, then let us see some vital tips to improve your cash flow now. Important tips to improve your cash flow— Organize your billing schedule—You need to place yourself on a billing schedule with Read More

Steps to save for Retirement

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3rd May: Do you want to know the steps to save for retirement? If yes, then let us find out these in detail here now Steps to save for retirement—Let us see some steps to save for retirement. Saving for retirement is almost similar to dieting. We know what should be done but doing it Read More

Gold is the Best Insurance

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9th May: Gold remains to be the best insurance even today. Yes, that’s true. How? Let us see here how purchasing gold is the best insurance. Gold—the best insurance—Do you know that having gold in your portfolio is the best insurance even today? Yes, that’s true. Physical gold is considered to be the best insurance. Read More

Why are banks hesitant to finance small businesses?

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Why is it tough for small businesses to get bank loans? The recession has done damage to the extent that all aspects of the economy have been striving real hard to recover. However, one particular sector that had had an unprecedented and quick growth but now, has been facing a lot of flak from banks Read More

For First Home Buyers Stephen Harper Announces Higher Withdrawal Limit on RRSP

3 weeks ago Jorda Smith 0
One of the promises of Canada’s former president Stephen Harper during 2015 election campaigns was that he would increase the Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) withdrawal limits to $35,000 for first-time home buyers. Till then Canadians were allowed to withdraw up to $25,000 from their this tax preferred account, without being penalized for such withdrawal, Read More